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Updated: Dec 13, 2021

At 2 months of age, Gumdrop, Everly, Jazzy and Blexy graduate from Kindergarten. Well, it's alot like Kindergarten. They have been drinking lots of milk to grow strong and started eating more granola. They were born with no fat on their body so we put jackets on them to help keep them warm. After eating lots of good food, they now have a layer of fat to help keep them warm and thicker hair. They no longer need jackets to stay warm.

They started out in the nursery after they were born where they got individual attention. Once they could drink well from their "bottle" (about ten days old), they moved to a "play group" much like Kindergarten. Here are photos of Jazzy, Everly, Blexy and Gumdrop in a moving cart heading to their first day in a group pen (kindergarten).

They ate snacks and meals together, took naps together, and had lots of play time together. Now, they will graduate to a different pen (classroom). They will stay together as a group but move by the bigger "kids" (calves). The biggest change is that they will have a different diet. They won't be drinking milk any more because they are now eating plenty of solid food (calf granola) to get their nutrients. Also, their stomach has developed so they can now digest hay. We offer soft hay all day long for them to munch on. Twice a day they get a meal of calf granola.

This week, we weighed and measured all the calves. When you were a baby, your mom took you to the doctor and they weighed and measured you. Then, you were compared to other babies to determine your "percentile". Some of you were in the 90th percentile for height and weight. Others were in the 70th percentile. We do the same for baby calves. This tells us if they are growing at a healthy pace and if they are eating enough calories to grow big and strong. (Be sure to check out the video. Lots of cute calves running around.)

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