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Hey! It's been three months already!

The Adopt-A-Cow babies are now three months old. They've been growing and doing what baby calves do --- eat, sleep, poop, and play. Just like when you were a baby!

You have parents to take care of you and monitor your health. Well, mama cows aren't able to do that too well. They can't read, take a temperature, or balance a diet. They can't sanitize eating utensils or the bed their baby lays in. So, they have farmers like me to make sure their baby is taken care of the best as possible.

Soon after birth, we give baby calves a nasal vaccine to help prevent respiratory issues. At two and three months, they get vaccinated again for more diseases. Just like your parents want to protect you against known diseases, we do the same for our baby calves.

Here's a video link the will let you see how Gumdrop, Everly, Jazzy and Blexy are doing this month. They have moved to a new barn. Check out our list of videos on our Adopt-A-Cow page.

A three month checkup includes measuring and weighing calves to make sure they are meeting their growth benchmarks. Here are charts that show how Gumdrop, Everly, Jazzy, & Blexy have been getting taller since birth:

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