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Time to Milk Cows!

Join Farmer Pam in the milking parlor as she milks cows. Each cow gets milked three times a day - that includes weekends and holidays! No vacations or time off for our cows and the farm workers! We milk cows in three shifts - 3am-9am, 11am-5pm, and 7pm to 1am. In between each milking, we wash and sanitize the milking equipment. Here's a great video of how we milk cows at Selz-Pralle Dairy.

It only takes 5 minutes for a cow to get milked. When she's done, she exits the milking parlor and walks back to her pen. There she usually takes a few sips of water and then lays down in her sand bedded stall to rest. Or, she'll go to the buffet to eat a few mouthfuls of feed. She spends the rest of her time chewing her cud or hanging with the other cows for about eight hours until she gets milked again.

The farm worker walks the pen of cows to the milking parlor. While they wait to get milked, he returns to clean their pen removing all the manure in the aisles. He also walks along the stalls and rakes out any poop that the cow may have left in the stall. Then, he makes their beds! Yes! He levels the sand in their beds to make them more comfy.

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