Calf Care

Pre-weaned calves are raised in a Positive Pressure calf barn in group pens of four calves. They are mob fed milk replacer for 60 days. The barn has a full air exchange every 6-8 minutes and circulation fans assist in making sure the air is always fresh at bedding pack level.

The calf pens have a 8-10" base of limestone sand. We recommend to then have a mesh barrier over 8-10" of larger draining rock base for best drainage. 

  • Rate of gain 0-2 months: 1.8 to 2.0#/day.

  • Rate of gain 2-4 months: 2.5#/day

  • 0% weaning drag (when feeding 3x we had significant drag)

  • 0.5% mortality rate.

  • 1% treatment rate.

We track rate gain, intakes, hip height and daily heath with detailed records and have interesting comparisons utilizing various calf raising methods. Contact us if you're interested in our observations!

Calf Raising Procedure

  • Newborns: 1 gallon true colostrum within 15 minutes of birth. Second feeding: 2 quarts of 1st colostrum. Transition milk for next 2-3 days. Then milk replacer.

  • Calves are dehorned using a paste within 2 days of birth.

  • Calves are backgrounded in individual pens for 8-10 days before moving into group pens of four. Mob fed twice daily.

  • 28:20 Milk Replacer Feeding

         3-10 days       2.5L MR    2x/day     Feed probiotic to enhance microbiome.

       10-21 days       3.0L MR    2x/day   

       21-28 days       3.6L MR    2x/day     All calves get free choice water and

       28-50 days       4.25L MR  2x/day     22% calf starter.

       50-60 days       5.25L MR  1x/day

  • Weaned calves consume 10# grower/day and remain in the same group for 1-2 months before transferring to a bed-pack calf barn. At breeding age, they go to a free stall barn with outdoor exercise lots.
  • Since grouping calves, we've observed an increase in starter intake at an earlier age, less bedding usage, more efficient labor, & zero weaning drag.

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