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Frigid temperatures don't stop Farmers!

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

January and February cold weather means longer work days for dairy farmers. We've been working extra hard in extremely cold weather to make sure our animals are well bedded, well fed, and healthy during the cold. They don't have a fireplace to warm themselves, no snow pants, no hot chocolate, and no furnace to turn up to stay warm. That's the farmer's job.

Farmers put on extra layers of clothes and make sure the animals have protection from the cold, water tanks that are not frozen, and plenty of fresh food for them to eat. Just like you, animals need more calories to help them stay warm and to help them grow.

The past few months, we've been really busy having many, many babies being born. Every time we turned around, another was coming! This video that gives you a hint of what we've been doing to care for our young calves that past two months.

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